Composer on the short film Canal – 2020

Composer on the feature film Charm AKA: Malcolm or Random Acts of Violence (Coma Productions & Bleiberg Entertainment) – 2013

Composer for the short Animal Charm, (Glass Love Productions and Talent House) – 2011.

Composer on the short film A Good Life (Mischief Films) 2009.

Composer for the short film Luke and the Void (South West Screen and The Film Council) 2009.

Composer for the short musical film The Town that Boars Me (Glass Love Productions and ) 2008.

Composer for the short film The Toilet Guy (Surreal Road Productions) 2006.

Composer for the short film The Elevator (Write this Down Productions) 2006.

Composer for the feature film All The Children Are Sleeping (Emmaus) 2006.

Assistant-composer for the animated feature film Iron Man (Marvel) 2006.

Music Programmer for the drama Trial and Retribution Episodes 9 and 10. (ITV- La Plante) 2005 and 2006. 

Assistant Composer on Half Light (Universal Pictures) 2005.

Assistant Sound Engineer for TV musical drama Blackpool (BBC) 2005.

Assistant-composer for the animated feature film Captain America (Marvel) 2005.

Co-Composer on documentary Stars beneath my feet (Australian) 2005.

Programmer and Co-Composer on the Dutch feature film Spoon (Warner Bros) 2004.

Composer for London Fields are Blue (NFTS) 2004.

Composer for the documentary The Mythologist (BBC 4) 2004. 

Composer for animation film Brand Spanking (NFTS) 2004.

Composer for Chasing Sheep (NFTS) 2004.

Assistant and Co-composer on the feature film Fly Fishing. 

(Shooting Pictures) 2002. 

Composer for Sour (NFTS) 2002.


BT Infinity – Superiority Banner 360 Campaign 2 – 2012

BT – Superiority Banner 360 Campaign – 2012

BBC Worldwide In-house Corporate Video – Show & Tell 2012. – video for hand bag guide November 2011. corporate video – 2010.

Film Web site – 2009.

Producer for BBC Radio 4, The Foundling play – 2008.

Arbor Ltd Corporate Video – 2008.

Cadbury’s Corporate Video – 2007.

Arbor Ltd, Logo Music – 2007.

Fructis L’Oriel, Website music – 2007.

Nestle Cereal Bar Advert, The Magician – 2006.

Producer for BBC Radio 4, The Yellow Wallpaper play – 2006.

Toyota Advert, Remix of an  ‘Aim’ track – 2006.

Kleenex Tissues Advert, Arthur Lolly pop man (Radio) – 2006.

Royal Bank of Scotland Advert, Theme tune – 2005 to Present.

Nestle Cereal Advert, Chronicles of Narnia – 2005.

Argos Christmas Monster Advert – 2005.

Cadbury’s Corporate Video – 2005.

Producer/Singer, for the novel Lion Boy 2 and 3, music by Robert Lockhart – 2004.

Website called and – 2003.

Jingles for Lisa I’Ansen on BBC London Radio 94.9fm – 2003.

Corporate Video for Necker Island, for Richard Branson’s island, viewable on or – 2003.


Song writer for Leah Weller – 2014

Release of Free My Soul EP, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Release – 2012

Music Director for the 80’s Pop star singer Dee C Lee 2010-2012.

Boosey and Hawkes published track called ‘Jalalabad’ – 2005.

Arranger for a number of Independent bands at Resident Studios.

Arranger for Saturday Dance, Producer Dave Stone, Manager Tunji Williams from ‘Long Lost Brother’ (Jamiroquai’s Management company)

Composer for The Business EP.


Music Director for Winterwell festival future events 2012/2013.

Session Keyboardist for the Musical Kross Roads (The Granville Centre – Brent Council) – 2009. 

Composer for Dealers Choice at Barons Court Theatre – 2002.

Composer for Miss Julie at Barons Court Theatre – 2001.